Founded in 2007, Relief Beads is a grassroots organization whose mission is to raise money and awareness for Relief International's humanitarian efforts to provide relief for malnourished children in Africa. Relief International is a non-profit NGO and their programs are essential: they provide therapeutic care and they also provide many programs to increase the standards of living for refugees in desperate circumstances. To learn more about R.I.’s services please visit

Relief International really does provide necessary health services for thousands of people.  Provided below are some facts about the number of children in Darfur that Relief International helped in July 2013:

  • 10,736 medical consultations for children under the age of 5
  • 7,216 children are currently receiving nutritional support
  • 1,782 children exited the nutrition program 
  • Average length of time for receiving nutritional support is 60 days
  • 3,259 women received reproductive services
  • 204 professionals on staff


Most refugees don't even have $1 to buy their own food.  You may not always have the opportunity to change things in our world that need to be changed, but this is your opportunity to make a dent and provide relief to a situation that truly needs your help.  Thank you for your support!